Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Isn't she lovely.. Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious, less than one minute old.... 

So here I was, about to begin cleaning my sewing room.. and I saw this fabric I've had for a bazillion years.. took one look at it and could see this lovely lady clear as day in my head...

such potential! so exciting.. maybe some brothers and sisters coming soon hopefully..
After I clean my room!

So here she is  :)  brand new, just emerged... my lovely monster:


GIS Ninja!

I'm not really sure which of my blogs to post this on, so its going on both!

My sister gave me the pattern/kit to me for christmas  *awesome by the way*

so over the past couple of days, this little guy has come about

Check out the other me HERE to see the connection!

ages 8 and up! excellent..
I made a few minor adjustments tho..
- adjustable limbs
- shuriken (ninja stars)
- more undercover mask style

kick ass  :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with the Kranks

This is the closest I've been to skipping christmas... I have tried so hard to make time, to get into it.. but its just not happening.. I need a christmas miracle tonight, that all the shops aren't crowded and I can find exactly what I need for the people I need to buy for.. which is everyone!.. we have no tree up and I'm quite close to losing it completely, with a smile on my face of course

Christmas and I have a love hate relationship at the moment.. I love Christmas but I hate expectations.

I would love to spend a day cleaning out my sewing room and organising all my fabrics. Thats all I want for Christmas.

bah humbug

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To market, to market...

Davina and I got a spot at crafternoon tea!! Excited! Check it out below!

Come visit!

so amongst sorting out photo albums  and such I'm trying to get things looking decent for Saturday, I need signs and stickers! and lots of things to sell!  :)

this was the last spread at the Manurewa Market , but I "feel like I need something else" maybe something christmassy :) yes, maybe something christmassy.. ooh.. so much to do so little time..

anyone started Christmas shopping??  ... me neither.!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ask me again tomorrow..

Well,, I *think* I've come full circle, the price of the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP doesnt include an extension table, walking foot or any type of free motion foot, and it appears to have problems with the tension if in free motion "mode".. the work around (on various forums) is to use only serger (overlocker) thread in the bobbin all the time when doing free motion..  I dont think so Tim.

So Juki.. you are back in the good books, I've seen that it does seem to have some sort of pre thread tension dial on the front of the machine, the only main thing that  would have to do without is the variable speed control and separate motor'd bobbin winder.. which again on a forum was mentioned to wind so quickly that there really isnt much use, you might as well wait for the bobbin to wind and enjoy the break

Juki can drop the feed dogs out of the way.. which the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP does not.. you would have to purchase the free motion kit.. which has 3 free motion feet and a metal feed dog plate to cover them up not drop them out of the way.. apparently the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP comes with some sort of plastic feed dog coverer-upper but with out the "free motion kit" is not really set up for free motion.. and then theres the tension thing again.. I dont think I'm willing to chance it even tho have it at about $1350 ish.. (with out the gear to get started on anything except sewing seams.)

Back to Juki.. it is $1950, it comes with everything ready to go, no stuffing about ordering more parts etc.
It has a pretension dial, it seems to be a good machine from a reputable company, and it comes with the right accessories, it looks like it was built to be used for (among other things) quilting, whereas the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP seems to have the quilting as an afterthought..

but.. ask me again tomorrow  :)  we'll see what I think about it all then!

btw.. to be very clear about the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP:

I asked a supplier what they knew about the Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, the Janome 1600P and the Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter and this is (hand on heart) what they emailed me back with

"the 3 machines are identical straight sewing machines"

They are the EXACT same machine.. (prices in NZD$)

the Janome is currently on special for $1347
the Pfaff is currently on special for $1460
and the Husqvarna is currently at normal retail for $2399 (!!!!!)

They are the EXACT same machine!!!

There is NO difference except for the coloured plastic and the pictures on the buttons

Janome makes them all..

Thanks for listening to my rant.. this is what I have learned when looking at sewing machines...
- Dont worry about the brand
- Check its history before getting all wound up over its name
- Do your home work and make the best decision you can with the information you have in front of you, even if that decision is to "sleep on it" for a little while longer  :)


Friday, November 26, 2010

... sigh...

Four words..
Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter

Move over Juki, I'm not sure the oversized bobbin wins out over a thread pre-tensioner and a electronic speed control  and a simultaneous bobbin winder.. as well as the 9x6 harp, 1600spm and industrial grade manufacturing lineage. have it for $2399  so a bit more expensive..   ugh..   (Juki TL98P is around $1950 from

It was all about the Juki,, til I found the Husky... so not fair.. I'll give up a whole lot of Christmas's for it.. did I just say that?!


NOTE: I came to another conclusion a little while later.. check out my later post here

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My some-day machine

My goal, to eventually have one of these:
Juki TL98P
From here:

It does one thing and does it well.. stitches straight.. piecing and quilting, freemotion.. after reading LOTS of reviews it seems to operate better than the Janome 1600P and the Brother PQ1500 all about the same size (total size and workspace size of 9.5")

I still love my Brother Innovis NV400 it does aphabets and loads of pretty stitches, its great for applique with the ability to alter the settings of each stitch even just marginally, as well as flipping it completely if you need to.

But I am feeling the need to branch out a little into bigger and better free motion quilting for finishing my quilt tops, "I feel like I need something else" so considering that the new Janome Horizon is waay too expensive and the only draw card is that its a portable do everything machine with an 11" throat space! yes 11" of working space from the needle to the throat! it is sitting just under $5000 here in lil ol NZ. 

I've been looking at the Juki for a while now and when I was at the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair (never miss it) I had a chat to an Aussie company that make quilt frames and they really talked up this Juki model above the Brother. They said it has a good motor and it is reliable. If I some-day get this, then I can some-day get a quilt frame and it will pop right on there.. and when I some-day get this, then I'll have to (the same day) get a sewing table I can sink the machine into (not sure what they're called, but thats what they do!)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Big Day

I know it has been a long time since I've posted anything, but I've got a good reason :)

It was a fantastic day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kiddy apron

As promised! this is the apron I made for a currently cow mad child (no not mad cow... cow mad!!)

Not bad for a guess on the size, it fit perfectly .. and I've heard that he wears it for helping in the kitchen every day :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reverse Blanket Stitch Binding by Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan's reverse blanket stitch binding tutorial

I have been practicing this all afternoon.. it gives near perfect! results and all on machine! no hand stitching in sight!!

I used the stitch #19 but in mirror mode so it flips around the other way (on my brother innovis NV400)

piccies below!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girly craft day :)

So, the boys had a computer day and that left the girls to create! love it..

This is a few patches I created out of the blue, I've seen this style on the internet and in magazines and really liked it.. I think its been brewing in me for a while this one.. so here are a few shots.

these are all done with Aurifil :) that reminds me I have to order some more of the "sort of beige off-white cream" colour for my every day piecing and applique now that I'm getting low on my first aurifil spool! :)

Oh!, and the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair is coming up in a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to that :) will defn post piccies up from that


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