Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

Just a quick hi and hello before the new years eve celebrations get *really* going!

I'm off for a crafty afternoon :) and a movie or two! I need to make a pouch for my new nook (still over the moon about this one)

Progress on the current quilt is going well tho, I laid the foundation stitching down yesterday (stitch in the ditch styles) so its ready for the real deal free motion quilting.

I'm going to be doing some feathers in the border!! I'm quite excited about this, I've been practicing my feathers on paper, and have been figuring out the whole corner situation.

This was my pic from a couple of posts before, tho squashed onto my paper, the anatomy of the feather is there, I just have to lay out the quilt and see where the natural stops and starts to the feathers should be. I dont like the idea of a never ending feather, so mine will butt up against each other.

I figure that I'll only mark the spine, the vertical stop and start locations, and the diagonal corner bisector, those should be the markers I need to free motion the feathers as long as I have those indicators to go by.

So that is whats going through my head, I still need to spend time drawing feathers so I can automate the ol brain into knowing instinctively what to do when the needle hits the fabric. But this is the cramming/study before the exam. 

I might get back into sketching at some point, I've enjoyed wrestling with the cartridge paper again, but there are so many quilts to make and so little time!

Oh and look what I got for Christmas!

*cue 2001 a space odyssey music*

Aurifil thread .. each one has 6000 yards!

 next to the "medium" spool

I'm off to spotlight in a bit but have yourself a great New Years!

take care

Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks Sharon

Hi again, 

I have found some photos that are fairly anonymous, and don't show anything I haven't shown before!  

This is the Sharon Shamber quilt basting method that I had a go at the other day, I did this in an afternoon/evening, and had several breaks in between.

I will rave about this again .. no back pain!

something to look out for tho, all my applique (backed with heat n bond light) was towards the middle of the quilt top. this meant that it was thicker in the middle of the plank of wood whilst rolling it up, making it flare a little once I got to the end

I unrolled it to halfway and rolled up again with a bit more assertiveness and most of that went away

All in all after my first try, this is the best so far, less stress, less soreness
And flat backing fabric, no puckers first time!
(well, we'll see when I get quilting, but waaay better than pin/taping... no tears!)

I like this technique, mainly because there is no guessing if the backing and batting are flat, you know they are, you're checking them every 16 inches or so.

Anywho :) I hope these pics help show you what I did.

Check out my other page again for the link to the youtube, I just wish she hadn't used fucia on fucia fabric  for her tutorial!! 

The Quilt Top and Backing, all aligned (otherwise known as wrestling with for 10mins)
Ready for rolling

Rolled and ready to go!

Some awesome herringbone stitching there!

Through the Heat n Bond Lite Applique.. not impossible, but defn a "take a breath and just do it" moment!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to New Years

I hope everyone has has a great break so far, New Years eve is almost upon us! Bring on 2012!

Today has been quite exciting already, I have just got my Pinterest account accepted! So check me out! I've begun to pop a few pics up there of my quilts, it seems a lot more fun to use than Tumblr was so we'll see if this one makes the cut! :)

Yesterday I tried out Sharon Shambers quilt basting technique using two planks of wood that I shared recently

It worked fairly well! I think I need a bit more practice, the batik fabric was a little slippy to get the rolling started, but the "hand basting while sitting at a table" well that is just fantastic, it may take a little longer, but with no back ache and a better result, there's no competition!

Even when I taped to some tables and pin basted over them I would rush because my back would get so sore, now I can work in sections and not take up half as much space either.

Pics to come after Feb  :)  unfortunately they give a little bit too much away of the blanket!

Next stop.. Quilting the Quilt!

And what better pic to leave you with seeing as I cant show you anything today...

:) its not like you couldnt guess...

My Fav Eagle

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Mr Timothy B Schmit  ... yay whoop whoop clap clap

Take care over New Years!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've all started to settle into the holidays!  I finally got over my bah humbug moment for the silly season, (thanks to Stew) and am now looking forward to the next couple of weeks off my 'day job'.

I've already put this afternoon to good use, continuing on the project "that shall not be named" but to give you a little bit of a sneaky peek at its progress here are a couple of pics! (thanks to my new phone! yay!)

I cant wait to show you the final product once its all done! this one is looking soo good.

I've just finished wrapping the presents and my sister in law and her husband wont be far away for dinner.
Have a great day over the Christmas and New Year period. If you're travelling stay safe.

Take care

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It must be close to Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

One more week to go! O M G soo not organised.

But at least today has been good on the crafty front

I've been preparing my brain for some quilting...

Thanks to Wendy at Ivory Spring, I've been once again trying to glean some of her quilting mojo

I think the key is practice practice practice! so, over and over, I'm sketching the feathers (below).. so it becomes second nature, wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Then I went up to Mitre 10 Mega and bought two 1.8m length pieces of timber.. for what? well..  take a look at these vids, I'm going to give this a go because I didn't do wonderfully the last time I tried pin basting using tape and tables, "Okay" but not great. I have a niggly back so anything I can do to raise the quilt off the ground for this process and make it more comfortable sounds good to me! Again, watch this space and I'll let you know how it went!

Thanks Sharon Schamber!


the Sharon Schamber Network actually have a better version of her original tutorial!

No more pink on pink fabric! yay

check this on out instead of the latter two vids

New (better) video

Older video: Part 1

Older video: Part 2

Take care

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Enough Accordions for ya?

Hi Everyone!

I dont have anything crafty to show you, its mid week and work has been busy.
So, this one is for Mum!

Here are all the Accordion pictures I have gathered over the years!

Theres probably tonnes more on the google machine, but here are my favs:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sneaky peek

Because I haven't posted for a while I thought I might get away with two posts today !
Here's a little preview of my current project
Have a good week ahead

Merry Christmas .. Tree's up!

Hi everyone .. this is my first post from my new phone, so hi from the couch!
I finally feel like Christmas is here now our tree is up !
Here are some pics of our holiday cheer all the way from NZ to you ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bias binding - faux wrought iron effect ideas

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share some of the pics mr helped my to find over the years,
I've often played with the idea of doing a wrought iron styled window quilt, I have one attempt which I'll photograph for you shortly but until then, have a look as some great inspirations for using some of that mini bias binding you have, I know I bought a roll years ago and still have it sitting there waiting for me!


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