Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take the (short) grand tour

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick hello,

I  mentioned a couple of posts back that I cleaned my sewing room, so I now have proof!

Also, check out the right hand side of my blog, there is a 360 degree tour, albeit a small  tour!

I have been busy this afternoon cutting 3 and a 1/2 inch squares in preparation for my first attempt at half square triangle .. squares.. confused as I am?  hehe watch this space for progress.

In the mean time here's some pics of my sewing room   :)

Remember you can click on my pics and see a larger version!

See you later!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Check out my new page ^

Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to do this for a while now, over the past year or so, I've been blogging about the new straight stitch sewing machine I bought. It had to be affordable, but it also had to be good quality and fit-for-purpose, namely free motion quilting.

At the top of my blog there are links, "Blog" "About me" "My You-Tube Channel" and now there is a new one

"My sewing machine journey"

I hope you enjoy learning a bit about me and my set up.

Today I have vacuumed my sewing room!  (OMG)  so I will attempt to get some good photos of my new room arrangement before I go and mess it all up again.

Take care

Friday, February 17, 2012

Alex Veronelli - Facebook Competition

So, I was going to wait .. the competition doesn't end for almost a month.. but..

I put an entry in to design aurifil's product manager Alex Veronelli's Facebook timeline image.

And I got up this morning.. and shut up! hes using it already!! I was soo excited I had to share it

Go to and check it out in real life, and for those who dont have/dont want facebook  ;)

here was my preview I did while making it!

Now just cross your fingers for me that no better designs start coming out of the woodwork now!


can you see me smiling from there??

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shrinky Dink Buttons

My pack of Shrinky Dink plastic finally arrived!

I was inspired by

Aren't hers great!

So watch this space, I'll show my monstrosities over the next couple of weeks!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Calling all NZ quilters.. find the owner of lost quilt

This is a public service announcement!

Click on the link below if you recognise this quilt or know of a Tyler (recipient) around the Wellington area or an Anna (Quilt maker).

It was found in or around Cuba Mall in Wellington. Follow the link to help out the people who found it reunite it with its family!

Click here!

UPDATE!!  the owner of the quilt has been located.. and they have provided photo proof so it is definately them.. all is well! good ending!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get my baby owl pattern on Scribd

This one is for Richard, and anyone else interested in making my baby owl.

Super easy ... Super cute

Click on the owl below to go to my pattern!
Go on! Click it!

I'd love some feedback!

Thanks for checking it out  :)

Lovin my post-person right now

Check out what arrived in the post today!! (cue more squeaks and squeals)

So my first job in the new endeavor is to sort out how to best use the templates and read all the instructions!!

If you have this book let me know!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its not even Christmas!

Hi everyone,

I've got a couple of things to share today, firstly... the cover for my Nook Touch arrive today!! I was so excited I let out a little squeak (<-- sorry to break my chain of thought, but don't you think "squeak" is one of those words that the more you look at the more incorrectly spelled it starts to look??) anyway!, the most awesome-est cover in the world was waiting for me when I got home from work.. check it out, thanks Mr Ebay!


My second wee tidbit of news is that today I got myself organised enough (and gathered the courage up enough) to go and do another Toy Society toy-drop!

here are the toys that will hopefully find a home over the next day, I quickly ran through the local mall before it closed and dropped them into various playgrounds and kid rides, I have three others and I'll have to find equally cool places to abandon them! They will eventually end up on The Toy Society Go and sign up and do it, its free and a great feeling. See my link on the side of my blog also, that will also get you there!

Here are the three that are making their way in the big wide world as we speak

Take Care, Have Fun

Monday, February 6, 2012


As our second long weekend in a row comes to a close I've managed to make some improvements to my sewing room, its still not brilliant but its defn on its way, still not ready for public viewing tho :)

So, here are my accomplishments for the day!

For lunch I whipped up:
1 x batch of yummy vanilla cupcakes with lime icing

And this afternoon I perservered through this UFO some more and fixed up:
1 x finished quilt centre piece
 (okay so its not finished! but its closer than it was .. woo hoo!)

Close up of the fabric

It will still need a border and finishing etc, which I'll mull over for a while, but it is looking 100% better!

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The return of the space invaders

Remember this? go to my old post here!

Well, its back.. on track that is, the first main thing I'm trying to FINISH!

I managed to get the 9 manageable pieces completed, but now the tricky part will be getting the 9 larger pieces together considering all the little seams that need to match up, I've already unpicked the first seam twice! eeep!

Wish me luck!

Na-No Na-No

hehe, I defn think there is a slight resemblance don't you?

BTW, this why I had a pattern for the space invaders Alien for my recent zipper - bag

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A BIG decision - and three goals

Hi everyone,

This year I have made a fairly big call (for me), for the best part of the last year and a half I've been holding a stall at the Royal Oak Markets in Auckland selling all sorts of fabric 'wares' with my sister in law who was selling her jewellery range over at Lily Dew.

Unfortunately making the smaller items (toys, pot holders, bowl holders, cellphone holders etc etc) actually take a long time to make. So I took a deep breath and decided to not have a stall again ..... for a while.

The next time (if) I have a stall, I will be selling quilts.. now this may take 6-9months, but I'm thinking more like a year, to get some 'stock' up. Another alternative is to officially look at starting an etsy store or something similar to sell them as I make them.

But that's the end goal anyway..

I have found that slowly but surely I'm not 'quilting' so much anymore, I'm 'crafting', which is great for myself, my family and my friends, but I got into *this* because of quilting, and I have so much more I want to learn and do

Also, I have so much fabric it really isn't something to laugh at! OK so we can have a giggle, but my goal is to only buy things from spotlight for finishing my quilts, I shouldn't need anything other than batting, and perhaps backing fabric.  I need to make a concerted effort to use up the fabric I have.

And the UFO's ... oh the UFO's ... Watch this space!!

So to sum up,

Goal 1 - Make more quilts, smaller 'items' only as-an-when required

Goal 2 - Don't buy any more fabric for quilt tops, unless white or cream etc for spacing the patterned fabrics.

Goal 3 - Finish or get rid of my unfinished projects

Join me this year while I rekindle that quilting spark!

Have a great weekend!!

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